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Time is interesting.

As are Alternate Timelines.

Dark knows this all too well.

He knows of what could happened, what might happen, what will happen, and what has happened.

He may try to ignore it, he may try to fix it, but one thing he has to agree on is how utterly intriguing the concept is, if even a little unnerving.

Another thing is that he can't quite recall just how he ended up where he was at the moment, as Time seemed to have either jumped or escaped him, and he merely needed to allow it to catch up and return to proper functioning... He didn't understand how it worked, just that it did work.

It took him maybe half a minute to realize that he was wet.

The next thing he realized what that he was cold.

And that he couldn't breathe.

Then it dawned on him: He was drowning.

Funny... He always assumed that he'd be much more frantic at the thought of it, considering that it was speculated to be near impossible for him to be able to swim, given that his crystals would no doubt be a dead weight. He never tried to swim before, but still...

That, and Mephy couldn't swim at all, as well as his twin was fire by nature, and would be in great danger of harming himself in contact with cold water...

Bubbles escaped him in small amounts, and he jerked his body slightly, realizing that the best possible way to escape this death trap was to do it himself.

He couldn't morph shape, as he couldn't yet do so without melting to basic form, which would cause his molecules to disperse through the water indefinitely, a very bad thing.

In theory, he couldn't swim. He never tried before, no reason to, but he suspected that it might be possible for short bursts, if he could put out enough energy to compensate for the high density of his crystals. Tiring work, yes, but possible...

His lungs were starting to burn, lack of oxygen very evident now, vision darkening slowly. He needed to act fast if he was going to get another breath of air.

It would take a lot, and I mean a lot of effort to break the surface, and each second made his respiratory system feel like it was on fire, as well as his limbs were already starting to be more than tired out.

More bubbles escaped him, his nostrils starting to flood with liquid. What an unpleasant sensation, water in the sinuses. It made him want to snort it back out, but he quickly reminded himself that it would mean sacrificing what dwindling oxygen remained in his lungs. He couldn't do that.

Oh wait... Couldn't he just alter his density to begin with..? It was one of his otherwise useless abilities, after all, which usually played into effect when he didn't want to be moved. Lack of oxygen must have fogged up his sense of logic.

He broke the surface just seconds after his vision went completely black, and took a moment to spit out what had started to fill his mouth, then gasped harshly to catch his first breath in what was likely three minutes. Coughing and choking as his sight returned slowly, he rationalized that he still had to make his way to solid ground, which appeared to be to his left if his murky vision was correct, or he would be in danger of dipping back under.

Perhaps it was the temperature of the water that was impairing his internal judgement of time, as all he could seem to think was how cold it was, sandwiched between several expletives.

Whatever was causing it, he couldn't quite place it, but the next thing he knew was that he was currently grasping at a large rock, easily twice his size, no more than seventeen feet from the bank of the large pond, perhaps lake, and the tips of his toes brushing against the silt and dirt bottom. At least he now had something stable to hold onto until he caught his breath well enough to assess what had happened.

He felt something catch hold of his arm and tug him gently in one direction. His first response was to pull away and cling to the rock even tighter, but whatever it was was being more persistent, so he opened his eyes to look.

Mephiles just about up to his chest in water, looking as though he was putting every ounce of willpower he had into making sure he wasn't going to have a screaming fit over it. He seemed more concerned about Dark's safety than he did about the fact that he couldn't swim and could easily drown if he got out any further.

"... You can't swim... Why are you out here..?"

"Y-you nearly d-drown, and th-that's all you h-have t-to s-s-say to me?" Mephiles still couldn't hide his fear induced stutter or his shaking, but still managed to narrow his eyes and frown at Dark, reaching over with both hands to pull him from the rock. "C-c'mon, now... I d-don't l-like it h-here."

Dark coughed up some more water, gasped harshly, and squinted against the light reflecting from the surface of the water.

"... Where's Brother..?"

"Nearly k-killed himself t-trying to j-jump in a-after you. Now, hurry up b-before I b-black out, p-please..."

"... I don't think I can move right now..."

"Are y-you hurt?"

"... No... I spent too much energy trying to not drown..."

"You c-can't st-stay there, c'mon..." Mephiles pulled him again, squeezing his eyes shut and trying to ignore the fact that he was chest deep in water. "D-Dark, I am about t-two steps away f-from a p-panic attack! Let g-go and follow me!"

Dark finally let go of the boulder, and awkwardly crawled onto Mephiles' back, exhausted and not wanting to move again.

"... Can you just carry me..? I doubt I can really stand right now..." Dark mumbled, nudging his head against Mephiles' to find a soft spot to rest it on. "... Is Brother okay..?"

"F-frantic, really. I th-think the water 'b-burned' him a little, b-but other th-than that... He's f-fine."

"... Did he fall in, too..?" Dark frowned and lifted his head a little.

"N-No. J-Just you did." Mephiles shook his head lightly, taking care as to not scrape his quills against Dark's face. "T-terrible scenario, really. N-none of us c-can really swim, c-cold water c-can hurt him, you were t-too far out t-to r-reach, and Iblis and I were b-both willing t-to nearly k-kill ourselves at least tr-trying to save you..."

"... Don't... I'm not worth the effort..." Dark said in a quiet tone, coughing again, but in a considerably less severe way, suggesting that most of the liquid in his lungs was out.

"D-Don't say that. You sh-should know b-better by now." Mephiles scolded him, opening an eye just enough to see how much distance was left until dry land. Thankfully, the water was now waist deep, and the bank was no more than seven feet away. "You're c-coughing a lot. Are y-you alright?"

"... Fine..."

"You're n-not lying, are you..?" Mephiles turned his head to look at Dark the best he could. "B-Because you were under th-there for qu-quite a while. D-did you t-take in any water?"

"... A little... But I think I coughed most of it up..."

"Most of it? You n-need to be very sure about th-that." Mephiles sounded very serious, losing some of his stuttering. "I've heard about 'd-delayed drowning'... If you st-still have water in your lungs, even j-just a little bit, you can suffocate."

"... I'm sure I'll be fine..." Dark's breathing leveled somewhat, and he sneezed, dislodging some more water, and causing his nose to feel a little irritated. "... How come I was the only one who fell in..?"

"Dunno. All things considered, that could have ended worse than it did."

Dark grunted in agreement, better securing his grip around the hedgehog until he was certain they were back on dry land. He would have liked to have simply nodded off right then and there, but he was more concerned with finding the state his twin was in before he felt comfortable enough to do that.

Mephiles suddenly stopped navigating back to the shore, and Dark eased his eyes open carefully to see why. His ear twitched at the sound of the hedgehog whimpering, and he recognized, as he felt Mephiles tremble, the familiar shudder that was in no way due to the chilled temperature. It was starting to sink in that Mephiles was in an easily drown-able source of water, and his senses were starting to lock up with his body. It wouldn't be long before a panic attack set in...

Dark lessened his hold to make it less constricting and nudged his head against Mephiles', trying to get his attention.

"... You've gone this far already... It just gets better from here..." Dark offered encouragement in a soft tone, closing his eyes again. "... I trust you can do it..."

"I-I got us b-both stuck out here, a-and now we're b-both going t-to-!"

"Actually, I'm the reason you're stuck out here..." Dark reminded him. "... If anyone's to blame, it's me for making you have to come out here to get me..."

"I-I c-couldn't j-just leave you th-there! Y-You almost druh-drowned!" Mephiles was sniffling, well on the verge of tears.

"... Of course you couldn't... you're a lot braver that you give yourself credit for..."

"I d-don't th-think-!"

"I think so. I think you're going to get us out of this mess regardless, Mephiles, because the two things more powerful than your overwhelming phobias are your love for whom you care about, and your determination to protect them at all cost." Dark said flatly, putting his head on the hedgehog's shoulder with a huff. "And yes, I just used your real name, so you know I'm serious."

"..." The silence from Mephiles was enough to indicate that he knew Dark was right about that. He swallowed, and heaved a sigh before adding in a small voice: "... This would be a lot easier if either of us could actually swim..."

"... From my understanding, it's possible, though it requires quite an expenditure of energy to do so, on account of our crystals being about as dense as rocks." Dark mumbled. "... I very much doubt I'll be able to move much for the next few hours because of that... Almost there, you're doing good, Mephy..."

When they finally reached the shore, Dark slid off Mephiles' back and to the ground, too exhausted to really try and curl up.

"... Where's Brother..?"

There was a silent pause before he heard the hedgehog curse under his breath.

"... Not the answer I want to hear, Mephy..." Dark growled, squeezing his eyes shut as he struggled to adjust his position to get a better look. "Where's Brother?" He said more sharply.

"O-over th-there..." Mephiles stammered, taking a deep breath. "H-he's alright aside fr-from his arms guh-getting burned by the water..."

"That doesn't sound alright to me, Mephy." Dark lifted his eyes and deepened the faint frown already settled on his face.

His expression changed to a panicked sort of terror when he was quickly pulled up from the ground and scooped into a tight embrace that could only be identified as coming from his twin.

"Hey, don't! He's still wet!" Mephiles protested futilely, knowing that it wouldn't matter anyway.

"... I thought I'd lost you again..." Iblis mumbled thickly, clearly trying to suppress a sob, pressing Dark closer against him. "... I wanted to... I-I mean I c-couldn't... The water was... You j-just-"

"Brother, it's okay..." Dark interrupted, pulling his ears back a little. "But I really insist you let go of me right now, as I'm sort of soaked in water. You'll hurt yourself."

"You almost drown and your worried about me?" Iblis choked out in a pitch or two higher than usual. "Do you have any idea how long you were under!"

"... Long enough that had I not been the unusual creature that I am, I would have either succumbed to hypothermia or asphyxiation due to liquid in my lungs that I would have likely inhaled before I even realized it..?"

"How can you say that so causally!"

"It's a gift I'm not too proud of, now please, let go of me before injure yourself..." Dark gave a feeble motion with his shoulders that could have been a shrug if he wasn't as exhausted as he was. His eyelids lowered a little bit. "I'm fine, really, I'm just tired..."

It took a decent amount of coaxing to finally get Iblis to let go of Dark, which was no easy task. Mephiles had to be the one to convince him that everything would be fine, but more than once in five minutes, the hedgehog had to dodge a quick strike involving sharp claws grazing the edges of his ears, one of which nicked against the crystal coated tip. Instead of being scared (though he was a bit startled), Mephiles couldn't help but be reminded of one of the creatures on one of those documentaries defending it's kin against predators. It might have been cutely amusing, if he wasn't needing to avoid a swipe to the face.

"Hey, watch it! I don't need another scar! I'm just trying to help!" Mephiles said loudly, bringing his hands to his face to block. He lowered them and peered cautiously over his fingers, cringing. "You do know who I am, right? I'm the least likely person to cause any intentional trouble, and besides, I care about him just about as much as you!"

His word choice had been careful, as he didn't want to imply that either of them leaned more than the other on the subject, knowing how touchy Iblis could be on the subject. His experience with Dark had sharpened his ability to speak carefully, picking up on key trigger statements to best avoid...

"You know you can trust me. He'll be fine." Mephiles assured him. "He'll be right there, where you can see him. Just let me have a look at those burns of yours, I'm sure I can do something for that." He reached out a hand with lightly curled fingers to one of the burned forearms, lighting it up with a pale purple glow. "I'm not perfect at this, but I can at least reduce the recovery time for you..."

As much as Dark wanted to stay conscious enough to see how this turned out, exhaustion finally caught up to him with a vengeance and he was out before he could even finish blinking.

Not sure if he simply slept through the whole night without a single parasomnial disturbance or if he had just been too exhausted to recall it, Dark stirred when the reflection of the morning sun hit the water at just the right angle to shine it right in his face.

Giving a mildly disgruntled sound and scrunching his eyes as tightly as possible while raising a hand to shield them, he turned his back to the offending light, not wanting to hurt his eyes from the brightness that he was able to see through his eyelids.

"... I'm not ready for morning... Shut it off..." He mumbled, inching his body out of the sun.

He heard a great sigh of relief followed by: "You've already slept clear into the next day, I think it's about time to get up now..."

"... I almost drowned yesterday, I think I deserve at least another ten minutes..." Dark frowned, not even opening his eyes.

"Don't make light of that, you scared us half to death, y'know?" Mephiles snapped, shoving a hand against Dark's back to nudge him. "I can't swim and I've got a phobia of the water, and Iblis reacts horribly with cold water contact, so it's absolute miracle you were able to surface and grab onto a rock long enough for me to get to you. If I hadn't managed to reason with him, he would have likely went in after you without thinking, and we all know why that's a bad idea."

"... It's not like I purposely fell in, you know." Dark said in a small voice, opening his eyes and giving an awkwardly nervous look at Mephiles as he pushed himself up into a sitting position. "... That's where I just happened to end up."

"I know, but... You... You shouldn't be making light of it." Mephiles' eyes shimmered, and he blinked, looking down at the grass. "... What if you actually did drown..?"

Dark didn't have an immediate answer, snark or otherwise, and merely shifted his ears backwards a few millimeters.

He hesitated before finally saying: "... I won't."

"... B-but-?"

Dark moved forward and caught Mephiles in a firm embrace, cutting the hedgehog off before he could finish his question.

"I won't."

The tenseness in Mephiles' body eased away and he brought his arms up to return the gesture, trembling weakly in short bursts.

"... P-please..."

"As long as your heart is still beating, I have no reason to let mine stop, okay, Mephy?" Dark inched his fingers through Mephiles' quills to find one of his calming spots, particularly one behind an ear.

After a few minutes of silence between them, broken occasionally by Mephiles expressing his emotions in his native tongue, which Dark could understand to the effect of not liking the overall situation and wanting to prevent another anxiety attack.

"Feel better?"

"... Not really, but that did help a little..." Mephiles exhaled through his nose, pushing away from Dark gently. "... You probably should go talk to Iblis. He fell asleep about an hour ago..." The hedgehog gave a weak amused smile. "Because he was worried that you were going to start sleepwalking once you slept long enough, and get yourself stuck in a tree or something..."

"... I doubt I have the coordination capable of doing so in that state..."

"Well, you've unlocked doors and reorganized the cabinets in your sleep before, so I really wouldn't be surprised if you did somehow..."

Dark twitched his mouth as if he was going to smile at that, but countered it quickly, turning his head away as a pinkish hue spread across his face.

"... Okay, maybe I can." He said, shrugging. "But to be quite honest, I think the cinnamon and the chili powder should both be stored on separate shelves, as the containers both look too much the same. Asleep or not." Dark stretched his arms, changed his form into a cat and mewed, shaking his fur out and making his way to his resting twin.

Pawing at an ear playfully, Dark continued to make cat calls, nudging his head against Iblis', readying himself to be able to jump backwards if needed, given the flame's tendency to react before thinking.

Sure enough, Dark had to jump back to avoid a quick annoyed swat his way. Taking his usual form again, keeping the same stance as before, he huffed through his nose.

"Brother, you almost hit me..." Dark said with a bit of a whine.

Iblis' eyes opened quickly and he rolled over on his front then pushed up from the ground to be level with Dark, staring at him mutely with an unreadable expression.

Dark stole a glance at Iblis' arms, seeing the irritated skin under the fur that reached to an elbow of one arm, compared to the other, which was only covered halfway up the forearm.

It didn't occur to him, at first, when Mephy had told him that Iblis had been hurt trying to get to him, what exactly that had meant. Dark had been quite exhausted at the moment, after all.

... He could have killed himself trying to save me... Dark lifted his eyes to stare at his twin, letting a soft gasp escape him. ... He knows how much cold water can hurt him... He could have...

Iblis opened his mouth, about to say something, before he was cut off by Dark lunging forward and wrapping his arms around his twin, burying his face in the flame's chest.

"Now really, that's not necessary, Dark..."

Dark said something that he couldn't quite hear, as the shadow had his face shoved into a thick cluster of chest fur.

"... I'm sorry, what was that?"

Dark lifted his head to look up at him with a wide eyed, almost innocent, if not saddened, expression.

"... I said that everyone I let get close to me always get hurt..." He said in a tiny voice, turning his away and pressing the side of his face against his twin's chest, staring off into the distance.

Momentarily confused, Iblis stole a glance in Mephiles' direction and gave him a questioning look, as if to ask: "Alright, what did you say to him..?"

"I'm fine, Dark. You're the one who almost drowned."

"... But I'm not the one with burns..."

"Well, technically speaking, it's more like an irritant or chemical reaction than an actual burn, as I'm fire myself, but that's beside the point..." Iblis heaved a sigh, falling back slightly to sit on the ground more comfortably. "That happened once with the back of my ears when it rained, but that healed over eventually. Granted, it wasn't from totally submersing myself in water, but-" He stopped abruptly at the sharp inhale from his twin, followed by the hold tightening just a bit more. "... Y'know, you should be thanking Mephiles the most here. He really had to do a lot more than either of us could have, even though he can't swim..."

"... R-really, it's n-nothing spect-tacular..." Mephiles stuttered quietly, shaking his head and looking down at the grass. "... I was j-just as sc-scared..."

"No, really. You did what you had to..." Iblis forced a short laugh, trying to sound grateful. "If you hadn't tried to hold me back, I would have gone in further than I did to go after Dark, and I doubt I could have handled all the water."

"... N-none of us c-can swim, I'm sc-scared of the water, you're made of f-fire and D-Dark was d-drowning..." Mephiles bit his lip and wrinkled his nose as he sniffed loudly. "... I-If I did nothing, I c-could have b-been th-the only one here th-this morning..." He shuddered, dropping his head lower. "... D-Dark at least made it t-to the surface... Th-the water was t-too c-cold for you..."

Dark pushed himself away from Iblis for a moment to make his way to Mephiles, who had his face hidden now.

"... I honestly can't see why you'd be so upset right now, if we all made it out fine." Dark said, reaching over to lift Mephiles' head up with a hand. "It was a hard thing to judge on, but you took care of the worst problem first. I might not have been able to swim very well at all, but at least I wasn't going to have a reaction with the water like Brother would have..." Dark frowned slowly when he realized there was a decent sized purplish mark on the hedgehog's cheek he hadn't taken note of before. He reached his other hand to touch next to it, pulling some fur back to see it better. "... Where did this come from..?"

There was a silence between Mephiles and Iblis that seemed almost jarring. Dark's frown deepened.

"Mephy, where did you get this bruise?" He said with a more demanding tone.

"... I-It's not really th-that important, i-it'll heal over qui-quickly anyway..."

"That's not the point, tell me where it came from."

"... If I d-do, y-you're j-just going t-to get mad, and you d-don't need to be m-mad..."

"Are you saying-?"

"H-He was sc-scared for you a-and lashed out." Mephiles sniffled, sensing the negativity building in the air. "Y-You would have d-done the s-same if it w-was th-the other w-way around. Y-You c-can't fault him f-for being afr-fraid for you. H-He's your br-brother..." He shook his head quickly. "B-Besides, I heal qu-quickly anyway..."

"You already said that." Dark clenched his teeth briefly before shooting a swift, sharp look at his twin. "Don't hit him like that again."

"But we already-!" Iblis started.

"I know. I understand what was happening and why you did it." Dark cut across him with a low but clear tone. "But it doesn't make it right. You don't hurt others; it's not allowed." His voice and expression softened. "... It's just bad for everyone involved, and we don't need any of that, there's been too much of it already..."

The sun now above the valley walls, shining through the treetops, it was decided that it was time to leave and venture to somewhere they could identify their location.

Of course, the didn't need to get very far before it became apparent that they were in Soleanna. Something about having been well acquainted with the trees and large boulders made it too easy to not make the connection.

Mephiles was not pleased, however. It was common knowledge that his least favorite place in the world was where he was born, given the bad experiences he had with it in the past.

Dark, understanding the apprehension, slipped his fingers around Mephiles' wrist and said: "I'm right here if you need anything."

"... I pr-probably look silly, sh-shaking like th-this..." Mephiles flashed a brief smile before letting it fade.

"No, not at all, I completely understand." Dark gave an awkward sort of shrug of the shoulders while smiling back softly. "You forget that I was there too. I know what happened, and I know how you felt."

Mephiles lifted his folded ears slightly, biting his lip.

"... Worst th-thing was th-that I couldn't really r-retaliate much..."

"... I know..." Dark said, frowning just a little. "But we do need to get into town eventually."

"... Yeah..."

"Besides, this time you're with the living personifications of a shadow and fire, so-" Dark added with a hint of a laugh before he was cut off.

"Dark, you know that if you do cause any trouble, they'll hate us more!"

"... He's got a point." Iblis said, nodding a little in agreement.

The shadow blinked, taken aback.

"I wasn't implying-Know what? Never mind."

Teaching Darkness: Rift C3
Next chapter coming very soon!

Sooooooo sorry for the delay. T_T
Boom!Mephiles meets Sticks by RaeLogan
Boom!Mephiles meets Sticks
Boom!Mephiles design from my other thing: SONIC BOOM - Mephiles Fan Design

Because the Sonic Boom games seem to be regarded as far more glitchy and badly made than Sonic 06 (though the Sonic Boom cartoon is pretty darn awesome, and I want that stuff to get a few seasons), I've decided that I want to have Mephiles and Sticks be paired in the Meta sense. 

The pairing will be named "Mephicks" (say: Mef-ix) and it will be awesome.

They're going to be crazy buddies, with the crazy conspiracy making jungle chick and the overly dramatic time traveling science project gone wrong.

I have no idea how old Sticks is yet (it's not confirmed), but I like to think that she's a bit younger than Amy but older than Tails, which places her roughly at 10 or 11, which seems fitting.

As I like to regard Mephiles as 10 based on the confirmed time flow from Sonic 06 (as he's created a decade before the Present Timeline), that makes the age comparison fitting.

Both of them have spent a LOT of time alone, and come from games that were hyped as heck before being commercial failures. So... yeah...

Anyway, I like Sticks already based on what I've seen in the cartoon. Her episode with Buster made me think of me and Jak, so I kinda already found a relatable thing with her. 

Sticks is cool. Like Mephiles.

So... here, enjoy this image I made of the first piece of fanart with both characters in the same image. :D

Hopefully it's good... enjoy

Spoilers for Sonic Boom Episode 4
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